I’ve Been Trying New Things

I’ll continue to feast upon my own flesh until I choose not to


What fuels me is hundreds of typos during a long night

When I crave to carve your name into my skin.

It has been forcing memories up my throat

Instead of swallowing them.

I’ve been peeling the skin off my lips so carefully

And crafting a crown for myself

At the same speed as the feeling of words

Inching up my spine.

I’ve been trying to forgive myself for things I haven’t done yet

And trying letting go of past hands at checkout lines.

I’ve been longing to ignore all the worlds where we’re together

And finding myself through repeated words said out loud without myself knowing.

I’ve been craving to not want to kill someone for saying they miss you

Though, I know at the same time, these toxic feelings that mix along my bloodstream

Create the most beautiful words.

I won’t peel off the mask each letter wears

holding every word together.

I’ll press my lips together until they dry up

then once in a while

I could try to push them along your flesh

Maybe then my words could do some damage


Photography by @pborberry

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