A few questions that cloud my mind

There are places within me I’ll never shake you from

IMG_00696IMG_00673IMG_0214IMG_0209 (1)

Will you give your words a second chance in life?

Have you set your heart free, Or have you lost it in a prison of words?

Why do you feel the need to hide your secrets within soft lips?

Because your stream of words wash over me, where does it lead?

Can you turn that wetness solid?

Will you reach for the flowers in my hands and pull me closer to yours?

And could we discover a sound quieter than silence?

Where was it that you found something beautiful through my tangled limbs?

And why do you crawl into your bed to grow forests?

Who will be the next person to start a forest fire in your bed sheets?

Where will you be when you’ve lost track of time?

when you’ve lost control of the rain outside my window, when does it end?

If I told you I was made of that glass, would you attempt to break me?

And can I find salvation through the way you touch me at night?

Do you think the morning sunlight would ignite a fire within us?

Will I find suffering between the space between us in the daytime?

Do you remember that time you told me you didn’t believe the laws of nature?

And the laws of the universe?

That everything and anything was possible?

Because what if I told you that every time you smile, a new constellation is created?

Why is it that my self-inflicted violence starts with eye-contact?

And why can’t you clear the clouds from your eyes?

Don’t you know that my eyes do the most talking?

Why can’t you see the light that constantly surrounds you?

Do you think that one day, the fog will subside?

And do you think you’ll be able to see clearly again?

Can’t you think for a bit before your eyes drop lightning on top of my skin?

Don’t you remember how sensitive my flesh is?

Will you harden and crumble to pieces for me?

Would you destroy yourself, just for me?

Maybe if you’d remove the sunsets you’re hiding within your throat,             

You wouldn’t be scared of the dark.

    I emptied my heart out to you, and you chose comfort over love, why?

     Would you be able to live with the fact that you can slip away from me, unnoticed?


    Could I be your hospital bed?

     Could you die on top of me?

     Could you crush me with the weight of your body?

     Half your brain is full of sand. Can’t you hear the waves that crash upon your skull?

     Maybe the reason you walk backward lies in the way you bend your legs wrong.

     How can I find peace within my favorite book when you’ve replaced its spine with your own?

     My stomach dropped at the exact moment the music did, did you forget our love could be the source of that music?

     Or have you had trouble hearing under all of that sand?

     Are you scared of the idea of hope reaching to touch you, but never doing so?

     Do you remember when you told me you were scared of storms?

     And do you remember that time you told me you found the calm in coffee

     And you watched me drink a gallon of water in silence?

     Do you see the irony in it all?

     Was that the right memory

     When I watched you look in the mirror and you screamed at your reflection?

      I wonder, do I miss clear skies, waterless rivers, cold deserts?

     Will I disappear, or cloud your mind once you reach hell?

Photography by @pborberry


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