Don’t Worry About A Thing

Will I be happy? Will I be cared about?

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Those who do not possess a great deal of understanding will be tortured throughout life. They will feel alone and depressed. I too have felt this way. Most don’t realize that life spares no one, that even the greatest will be taken away. People filled with generosity and kindness could have a voice that will never be appreciated or truly recognized. The wretched could be held on a pedestal and the agony of grief tends to be shared fruitfully.

Most abilities will not be recognized, is what I’ve learned. It’s a curse that spreads wildly. Gifts are created and given out again and again. They hold weights that are given no opportunity to be shown. Once you give yourself up completely and flourish in the sorrow called life, you can make the conscious decision to be happy. You will learn that having strong feelings and a powerful heart, dripping with emotion is the only way to make it in this world. To hide and cower will only set your demise in stone. Be visible to people who are willing to see. Closed eyes with eyelids glued shut will not open. Some have theirs tattooed pretending to be sunshine after a showering sky. Disregard them if possible, try your best. They do not know that heave rain is only perceived as unpleasant to those with closed mindsets.


Photography by @pborberry

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