A Reminder

We often forget that we have no limits, that we are capable of an infinite amount of wisdom and self-discovery. We forget that there are little words and phrases that we cannot interpret or pronounce within us, and these are what makes us who we are.

This is who I am.



I continue to crave exploring maps, and distant worlds because I know these names remain the same,

These places have been deeply ingrained into my soul, even though I know I’ve never visited them,

All of this has created an open closet in my mind, and keeps it,


And crawling,

And shapeshifting.

The unknown makes more wonder if there’s more, and my heartbeat feels as if it’s being counted and pressured by the weight of uncertainty,

I want to be greeted with curiosity, Yet I don’t want the jagged feeling of unpredictability.

I want to be damp,

But I want my eyes to be dry,

Just this once.

Shoes from Simmi
Photography by Sarahcebulskiphotography


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