The Truth About Mistakes

Change is necessary. Mistakes are bound to be made.


Recently, I’ve made a horrible mistake and if it were to have happened to someone else, I think they would be so hurt, their pain would refuse to leave. Their pain would be the type to overstay their visit and make a home in their soul.

I used to be so afraid of making mistakes that I refused to speak up. My lips melted into one, became stitched together and my mind ached from how full it was and it became swollen with worry. I was afraid of pouring out so much of myself I’d lose myself in the depth of my troubles.


Currently, I’m in a major dilemma, which is healthy to worry about, but I’m not too concerned because I trust myself and my reactions. I trust who I am and I can finally say that I cannot regret any choice I make, no matter how pleasant or unsatisfactory it is.


I feel as if I’m tearing off my skin, revealing a fresh new me every time I speak. My pores are dripping with creativity and I know- oh so well- that I can learn so much from the negativity others urge to pour onto me. As a shining positive person, I’m overwhelmed with the love I have for myself and others, I can’t help but forgive the humans who are flawed with negative thinking. I laugh too easily, I forgive easily. I kiss long and hard, I open myself up to people like a book that’s begging to be read. New versions of me are being created as each day passes and I think that’s okay. There are so many people who allow their sadness and brutality to blind them and crave to make others see the way they see. Unfortunately for them, I cut off that stitching from my eyelids a long time ago and hid the needle. I keep that pair of scissors in my pockets for reference of who I once was, and who I refuse to be anymore.


How dare someone tell me that giving love to someone is the most degrading thing one can do, and that I should be ashamed. How can one worship the use of violence and tell me that finding myself within someone is a sin? Life is nothing but a beautiful continuous fight, I think.


The truth about mistakes is that they’re not mistakes. They’re simply learning opportunities. You will make constant wrong actions all the time, but what makes them wrong? I What people are afraid of is being looked down on and being judged by society and the people closest to them. And if you feel this way, are these the right people you should be keeping beside you? Attach yourself to people who accept your mistakes because they know that’ll help you grow as an organic being with minds like clay.


I’m constantly learning, I’m constantly changing, I’m constantly making mistakes.

All the time. All the time. All the time.

Photography by @brooily
Outfit from Zara

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