For those who’ve been following my skincare journey, i’ve had problem skin for as long as i could remember, and it has really attacked my self-esteem to the point where it was hard to even make eye contact with people. Thanks to help from the korean based skincare brand, Dr. Jart, my skin is healthy and hydrated.

Winter and Fall are my favorite seasons, but they truly take a toll on my skin.



After using this product several times, and my history with peels, i have to say i feel as if the micro milk peel  is more moisturizing than peeling, but regardless of this, i still love the product. I have sensitive skin, so i adore how there’s options on opposite sides of the micro pad for people with normal and sensitive skin.




I’m going to say this quick and simple. I’ve fallen in love with all of Dr. Jarts paper masks and patches. I wish i had more  photos to post but i’ve used all of them up as soon as i got them (whoops). The Pore master patch (pictured) is wonderful for getting rid of blackheads, but what i have the need to comment on is my obsession with the pore minimalist black charcoal sheet mask. It’s amazing for acne and acne scars and has become my favorite out of all of their products! I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin overnight just after one use. My scars lightened and my existing pimples flattened.

I highly recommend it to anyone who has acne prone skin like me!



Amidst the freezing cold air and the bitter blankets of snow, my skin tends to dry up and nothing is needed more than hydration! That’s where this ceramidin liquid comes in. I swear, i don’t remember the last time my skin felt dry and flaky, which is a wonderful. What i dislike the most about a lot of products that moisturize skin is that i get this greasy feeling; this doesn’t do that. It simply absorbs into my skin and leaves me feeling fresh!

This is an absolute NEED for people who deal with dry skin. The key ingredient is ceramides, which hydrates skin for dryness but also helps to plump up your skin to help prevent wrinkles and aging. Of course i don’t have to worry about wrinkles and aging, but it’s never to early to start!

The contour shaper, aka, the weird looking metal stick, is actually a great took that lifts skin and naturally contours your face! It’s built to naturally define cheekbones and in all honesty, i have no idea where it is at this point because my mother keeps stealing it away because she can’t stop using it.


After a few months of testing these products, Dr. Jart has become part of my daily routine, and that means a lot coming from someone who has gone through so many products that have let my skin down. This brand offers bliss to a wide range of skin types, and i love that i’ve found the perfect match to my difficult skin type.

Photography: @lianna_thomas and @dainahail3

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