If anyone were to take the time to analyze my daily outfits, they’d know that black is my fav. honestly guys, it’s just so versatile. But what recently has been getting me, is uniqueness, originality, and uncommon details.


Why do you give people your time and mind? Think about it. why do you care about what people think?

We are all truly, one of a kind. Each one of us are born to be different, so why do we try so hard to fit in? to please others? to conform to society’s standards?

It’s through everything we have learned, the people we have surrounded ourselves with, our daily habits, and our experiences that have made us unique and different than anyone else in the world. It’s truly exhausting and pointless to alter yourself to fit in with a crowd, do yourself a favor and stay true to yourself, and discover who you truly are.


Someone close to me told me a while back that these outfits looked dumb and i thought about it for a little and wanted to talk a little about that here. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like what you do, how you dress and how you act, and honestly, this isn’t a bad thing.

I’ve always known i was different. I’ve always strayed from the norm, and because of this, i’ve lost and gained many different people in my life. The thing is, we can’t all fit in the same mold. Just picture how boring life would be if we were all the same! We need to learn to embrace what makes us different and realize that what one person may find ugly, another finds beautiful.


Nun Bangkok’s pieces are a mix of feminine and tom-boy elements and are basically dripping with the originality and minimalism that i adore. The details are insane and i’ve completely fallen in love with the quality of the material and the precision that was put into each piece (everything is made at home!)

But long story short, think outside the box and do/wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Embrace your individuality.

Photography by Daysi Barahona (@dainahail3)
Lucid Crop and Exo Crop from Nun Bangkok
Cotton on (personally altered)

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