You’re going to feel as if you’re being pushed against the current, like you’re suffocating. Your mind will feel like it’s drowning, and your blood will feel like rapids.



You’re not always going to get your way. Life has a knack for throwing you over a ship and watching you get swept away. But the thing is, there’s beauty in pain, there’s something there that makes your life, somehow worth living.

What makes life worth living? It’s laughing at the sky and the moon, it’s breathing fresh air, it’s confessing feelings deeper than silence, and releasing burning thoughts.



We’re all a part of something bigger. I take notice to the way they brush their hair to the side, how their eyes light up when they hear something meaningful to them, the way they pull closer to the ones they love the most, or the ways they close themselves off when they feel they are not wanted. It’s interesting to think about how underrated paying attention is. Letting the world around you to swallow you whole and bleed into your skin is addictive, once you allow it to. There’s deeper meaning to everything, you just have to open your eyes and find it.


At a certain moment, it seems as if the world is pulling you at your roots, it feels like nothing will ever be the same. But as soon as your make the decision to open your eyes and see the underlying message in everything, then you will know.


Allow the seasons to teach you a thing or two. Observe how they come and go, and are never quite the same. You will only find true happiness in the one place you cannot escape from – yourself.

Photography by Rinz (rinzton)
Outfits from Zara

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