The sky can tolerate you

Some things that inspire me are the unknown, the feeling in the air after it rains, echoing thoughts when i’m happy at 2am, and poetry. Any type of poetry.


Sometimes, my thoughts become such great sizes. They become so loud they echo throughout my mind and i can feel them in my bones. Most days, they keep me alert as they melt into my brain and form a closet in my mind that remains wide open, unable to be closed. These vigorous emotions, these almost chaotic melodies that keep my mind crawling, trotting, shapeshifting; they skip corners, they undermine these trails.

Does the sky tolerate you? Is it deeper than that? You could be aware of how deep it is, but you could be simply afraid to dive.

I’ve fallen in love with pieces that make me think, unique clothing that is wearable poetry.  Zaful provides affordable clothing that begs attention in all the right ways.

Photography by @dongottti
Dress from zaful



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