A day with daniel wellington

Daniel Wellington will be traveling around the U.S east coast for the next few months with their brand new mobile pop-up truck visiting several different beautiful cities. I must say, shooting with them for their #DWontour campaign had been one of the most exciting shoots i’ve done for and i must thank them again for giving me the opportunity to be one of the first to check it out!

Brunch at Cafe Mogador was everything even though i only ate a bowl of mixed fruit, but it was alright because what really filled me up was the experiences of working with unforgettable people as we hit the road to shoot around Williamsburg, Brooklyn.






Over the past month i’ve worked with the brand, i’ve slowly fallen more and more in love with their time-pieces as each day passes; their minimalist yet unique design completing every one of my simple outfits and hugs my wrist so well, i don’t ever want it to let go. Honestly, it’s the perfect romance .

• Enter code: SPASSSTIC for 15% off their products •

Check them out! Thanks again DW!


Dresses from Zara
Boots from Steve Madden

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