I Choose To Be

Choose to focus on the happy thoughts, although changing your mindset is easier said than done, it’s important to make that first step.

Choose to not just look with your eyes, choose to see with your soul, be open with everything around you and widen your view, broaden your perspective and appreciate the world’s vast and marvelous beauty.


image1 (1)image269.jpg

I choose to speak up and announce my rich thoughts as loud as possible to my audience. To speak freely, persuasively and passionately is what I aim for, and it is what I have achieved.

image769.jpgimage5image1 (2)image1 (3)image2696.jpgimage1(4)6956image1 (5)image369image469

Simply igniting my thoughts and spreading my ideas can change a single soul. I am on this planet to place little parts of myself everywhere I go, to live life as an open package. I want to receive as much information as possible as well as distributing concepts in my head.

I am here, my only purpose in life fulfilled; simply being. Being someone who can touch people’s lives, who can create a hurricane of words and an avalanche of love and emotion.

Keep your voice real, loud, rich and deep. You’re here to stand out. You’re here to be. You’re showing no signs of disappearing so avoid picking at your defects and brighten your embellishments.

Photography by Travis Chambers (trav_90z)
Outfits from Zara
Bra from Pacsun

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