Mondays Motivation

Most times, it seems as if our happiness depends on the people in our lives. We become so reliant on other people that we forget how to find happiness through ourselves. Stop seeking other peoples attention and approval and start focusing on what you can do to find your own self-worth and truly love yourself.


With all the possibilities and outcomes, it’s terribly hard to be content with how things are in our lives. We have so many opportunities to feel uncomfortable, insecure and unimportant; it’s like we’re so used to casually punishing ourselves for things we cannot control. We can get in the way of ourselves without even realizing it.


We need to realize that we are worth more than what our mind tells us. Society tells us that it’s not ok to feel good about ourselves, that there’s always something wrong with the way we look, think or feel. That it’s messed up to find ourselves beautiful or feel confident in what we do, but in reality it’s quite the opposite. We have to put our one thousand percent in everything we do and tell the world how proud you are of what we have accomplished, even if it doesn’t give a damn. That’s right. The universe couldn’t care less about you, that’s why you have to scream your name across it! Shout why you feel beautiful and confidently wear what you want in a world that, for some strange reason, judges you for thinking outside the box.


At the end of the day, your thoughts are the only ones that truly matters, so when people try to put you down or tell you something negative, it’s their opinion. You should never let anyones opinions get to you. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like how you look, act, feel or live. There’s always going to be someone who has it better and someone who has it worse. Focus on what makes you the happiest.


You are your own best friend. Take yourself out and feel the curves of your skin. As you’re looking in the mirror, don’t make notes of how big your pores are or how many dark spots you have. Admire how your pupils dilate and get lost in the patterns and colors. Fall in love with your teeth and thank them for allowing you to chew and savor the tastes of a variety of food. Do this not because i’m asking you to, but because you know deep down, you know that you deserve it.

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You deserve to feel completely happy with yourself. You deserve to know that you are unique and different than everyone else and that it’s alright to follow your own path even though people are telling you, “There’s no money in that”, “You’re not going to mount to anything”, “You’re going to regret doing that”.

Work hard at what you love and don’t take anyones shit. It’s normal to make mistakes, to slip up, to fall…HARD. But it’s important to get up and learn from these moments. It’s okay to COMPLETELY change directions, to make a drastic change, something unexpected and new. That’s whats amazing about life, the fact that you can wake up and leave everything behind if you choose to. There is no limit, there are no walls or ceilings. The world is always changing and evolving, just like our minds.

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What’s most important is being proud of where we are right now.

Wether we really know it or not, we have all overcome so much. We have dealt with our most tragic moments, our heartbreaking conversations, our scarring history. Think about this very second and smile to yourself because you are alive.

Your mind is capable of being rewired in any way possible so take this moment to rewire it into something that will make your day, or life, if you choose to, just a little bit better.

Photography by @iamchefrai
Top – Aerie
Trousers – Zara
Boots – Public Desire

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