Deeper Than My Skin

Simplicity is remarkably emphatic, that being said, My Mum Made It creates notable pieces that call for attention.

Each piece of clothing satisfies my minimal taste buds. Their collection also includes striking chokers, phone cases, shoes, bags, and swimwear. Each unique in their own way!

Safe to say, MMMI has everything my simple and minimalistic heart desires. 

ElleImporant4ElleImporant5ElleImportant 2ElleImportnat6this one is so much better.jpg

This flesh/nude halter crop and midi skirt set made from modal will have everyone wondering why they haven’t become friends with the best dressed girl in the room.

Ellep2EllePt3 (1)EllePt3

The black satin crop and shorts twin set made of polyester satin makes my all black wardrobe so much happier than it is right now, and that’s saying something. All black is my go-to for everything.

Going out? All black. Staying home? All black. 

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with an all black twin set. It’s physically impossible. (Or maybe it is if you forget to iron your clothes. whoops)


One of my favorites is the halter neck stripe rim bra made of cotton that can be paired up with almost any bottom. Catch me in this bra while it’s still hot out because it is a summer #essential. 


I have never experienced something as unique as the midnight swim reflective bikini set. It’s black or grey in natural light and reflects under flash light! Made of reflective pollster and lycra, this two piece bikini competes with my highlight, and i’m loving it. 


 The super breathable/comfortable and astonishingly soft to the touch Mesh Crew Neck long sleeve top made of nylon stretch mesh fabric in it’s three colors (nude, white and black) are going on rotate this fall because i am completely in love. 


Although I am contradicting myself, the pinkish nude makes any fit peachy (See what i did there?). There’s really no way you can go wrong with black, white and nude, even if the nude isn’t my skin tone. At all.

But of course, one thing that goes great on all skin tones is a basic, staple white top. It’s something everyone needs in their closet, ESPECIALLY after finding out how comfortable it is.

Side note: My “skirt” is actually a maxi dress from Zara I made into a last minute skirt. Creative? I think so.


I think it’s immensely important for women everywhere, no matter what body type or skin color, to love and feel comfortable in their bodies. As i was posing in front of the camera during this shoot, changing in between outfits, I finally felt comfortable in my own body.

(And it’s not only because of my astonishingly comfortable Mesh top)  

Knowing that i’m not suffocated or tied up goes deeper than my skin. It’s dressing the way I want to, it’s forcing myself to hold my head a little higher and it’s listening to my mind and body. For me, it’s wearing minimalistic, chic clothing and letting my personality speak, because I want my eyes to tell my stories and i want my gestures to turn my pages. Most of all, it’s throwing on my favorite top and diving into my day head first, and eyes wide open, just as open as all the possibilities. 

In collaboration with My Mum Made It

Photography by Kerby Anderson (@kerby.anderson)

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