You Are Enough

Most people tend to feel lonely, miserable, incomplete and overall, feeling as if they’re not enough. This comes with the nasty habit of regurgitating their feelings and spewing them on to others, forcing people to feel the same way as them.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.


You will feel as if a small part of you is empty, as if there’s a hole in your chest begging to be filled with…something. Anything in order to feel complete.

Your skin will tingle, your jaw will clench, your hands will shake thinking about what you need to accomplish. You imagine yourself climbing a staircase, your body feeling like weights, your palms sweaty and vision blurry but you keep pushing yourself no matter how exhausted you are.

As you come closer listening to the people cheering you on, you wonder, is this what i really want?


You near the end and somehow, someway, you still feel incomplete. Even as your blood is boiling and the people are screaming for you.


You fight harder, forcing yourself to impress the people you love; your family, friends, and co-workers. You’re trying your best in order to avoid brick walls, but instead, they grow larger and sturdier. Adhesive made up of the expectations of the people around you, of society, social media, etc.

You think that there’s something at the end of all of this, after years of going to school, working that nine to five job, you know that there’s something  that makes you think, “this is all worth it in the long run.”, but is it really?

You smile in peoples faces, agree with peoples opinions without hesitation, you become this nice person that everyones loves! Oh, him? Yeah, he’s great! He has tons of friends and he’s super chill! You fully commit to this personality, this life people have given you.

You create schedules, plans, well articulated ideas to show people just how smart you are because you convince yourself that being the “best” is what truly matters the most.

You become selfish and money hungry, because we’re taught to get a career in something that pays well, a professional job you need to go to school for in order to be respected.


One day, you will turn around and it will hit you harder than you even thought it would. The feeling will echo like thunder in your body, you will feel light as a feather and your soul will soar!

Hopefully, that day is today.

You are complete.

You are enough.


You are going through an infinite cycle trying to find yourself when you have been here all along. Since the day you were born, you knew who you were but you spent everyday trying to search for yourself through someone else’s eyes. You have been chasing something that has never existed in the start, and what doesn’t exist is perfection.

Life isn’t about winning is losing and it’s not about attracting attention for things other people want to see. I’s about being comfortable enough to be yourself. It’s about accepting your insecurities and happily living life enjoying the things that you’re truly passionate about despite what people have to say or their influences.

Life is about finding shortcuts and alternatives, instead of breaking through that wall, try digging underneath it, fly over it, or simply, walk through it. Imagine yourself without your body! It’s a great feeling and you will feel ethereal.

No matter what anyone days, do not take life seriously. Allow things to fall into place and when things go wrong, allow yourself to accept what happened and move on with a little more knowledge in your head. It’s truly impossible to make mistakes in life, honestly, this is one thing i’ve learned over the past few months and I hope people will understand this too. You live such an incredibly short, fragile life, so why waste it doing something you aren’t head over heels in love with? If you’re truly devoted to it, the money will come your way, trust me.

Most of all, don’t do ANYTHING to impress anyone other than yourself. I cannot stress this enough.

Take this moment to wipe your schedule clear and go on a spontaneous trip, cook your favorite meal, or do something you’ve never done before. Everything’s random and honestly, there is no such thing as the past or future. There is only right now. This exact moment where you are looking at your screen reading the last few sentences of this blog post.

Take this moment to discover the genuine parts of yourself and digest all of life.

Photography by Victoria Duncan
Entire outfit from Zara

2 thoughts on “You Are Enough

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you. I feel like we all need to be reminded that we are enough from time to time, being that we live in a world that wants to convince us that we’re not. And you’re right, life is short so follow your dreams. c:


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