I Become Myself

In a world full of clones, copy-cats and people who virtually become the people they follow, I become myself; the only person I can ever be. I choose to seek happiness internally by reaching deep down inside and allowing my positivity to soak up my surface.

It’s important to remember that the media feeds you almost unachievable ideas of beauty that you can’t avoid. You will NEVER find happiness if you constantly compare yourself to people on social media, or anywhere really. Remove that weight from your shoulders and focus on how you can become a better person, a better you. Life should never be about impressing other people, you should only focus on impressing yourself. Live your life to the fullest without feeling the hard-to-avoid pressure to fit in with the crowd.

Learn to reconstruct yourself into someone you could look up to and transform yourself into your own role model.

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If you aren’t happy with your life, mold it into something worth springing up from your bed in the morning with a wide grin on your face, your heart racing from excitement and blood pumping as you think about all the possibilities.

We’re all blessed with the ability to create, dream and wonder about the vast universe. We all have thoughts of changing the world, changing ourself, but what we don’t know is that at this very moment, we have the power to make those dreams come to life. We have the power to become who we want to be and we can change people’s lives.

Make things easier for yourself, lighten the load; avoid shrinking your self-esteem and keep yourself as real as possible. This is how you truly become successful. This is how you make your dreams come true.

Seeing is believing, but what’s truly real is what’s deep inside, hiding under your skin, running through your veins. Your genuine, authentic self is what keeps you up at night. It’s what makes you laugh until you feel like your lungs are about to explode, it’s the lightning in your eyes and it’s the dark moments where you feel like your bones are about to break and your eyes feel like sandpaper. It’s the choice you make when you’re at your lowest and you decide to rummage through your haphazard collection of pieces of yourself and make the conscious decision to put yourself  back together.

It’s exhausting to put up a front. Why try so hard to become someone you’re not? Use your oh-so-unique voice to change lives and spread happiness and positivity. As Selena Gomez would say, kill them with kindness.

Trust me when I say this; when you’re feeling broken and brittle, the last thing that will make you feel better is purposely making others feel like garbage. The copycats, the people who underestimate you, the bullies, etc, need your kindness the most. Allow your smile to grow wider and become better with each lash.

The world doesn’t care about how you feel. It doesn’t think twice about tossing you out into the ocean and watching you drown.

Choose to calm your storm and realize that you are the waves that make up the ocean.

Remain you all while discovering the uncharted parts of yourself. Fluid curves and biometrics, spontaneous interlocks and spectacular individuality; your bold imagination can change the world! I’m not even in my 20’s yet and i have realized this.

Get uncomfortable, raise your voice and stand out; life isn’t about living in a box. Break free and explore your mind and body. Perfection doesn’t exist so take a moment to observe the people around you instead of watching your phone. What’s around you right now is reality, not that emoji filled post of a skinny white couple on a beach drinking coconut water.

Whoever you want to become, become it. Chase after yourself until you feel fire coursing through your body, your sweat rises through your skin and your head pounds like a drum. And when you feel this, keep going. Friends and family who look down on who you are and try to change you are not people you need around. As you soar with confidence in your field, you will make many genuine connections and finally, you will find yourself in the best way possible; surrounded by people who know the real you and support who you truly are.

Photography by Justin Robert Thomas Smith (@justinrtsmith)
Cover up from Zara

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